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How to know you are not being emotionally intelligent towards a guest as a staff

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Guest experience is highly dependent on the everyday interaction a guest has with the company as this helps to build a better brand – customer relationship. Emotional Intelligence helps to foster a powerfully positive perception of the company.
Emotional intelligence is a soft skill that most employees either have or do not have. It is the ability to evaluate the way a customer feels during and after an interaction. A very good way to use emotional intelligence to achieve the best customer experience is by raising your own awareness.

Self-awareness is a core pillar of emotional intelligence. It is important to be aware of ones feelings as a staff to reduce guest dissatisfaction. As a staff of the SRS Collection, you should be able to read the emotions of the guest you are speaking with both in person and over the phone. The best way to achieve this is to truly listen to what the guest is experiencing by maintaining a positive attitude while listening to the guest complaint. It is important to check in on how you are feeling as a staff. Identify negative emotions that might hinder your relationship with a guest.
Now the question is how can we give each guest a good experience by being emotionally intelligent. The first thing is to know the baseline. Baselines should be attached to employee direct action towards a guest. This baseline will provide a benchmark to help measure performance. Employers can also use customer scorecards to measure emotional intelligence and customer satisfaction because they are able to get direct feedback from the guest through the scorecards.
It is quite clear that customers who undergo a positive experience with a company feel emotionally attached. In addition, they are more likely to give personal recommendations, which can go a long way. In the end, you are able to create a team of employees who are motivated because they are able to maintain a positive bond with customers, which in turn leads to better growth for the company.

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