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Yoga at The Seattle Residences and Spa

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The word “Yoga” when translated means “union with the divine” it, therefore, isn’t surprising that yoga meditation is focused on replenishing lost spiritual energy. This meditation is more than just yoga poses and stretches, the point of the meditation is to establish a connection between oneself and the environs.

We offer a type of yoga called Vinyasa Yoga, in this type of yoga, you move with your breath from pose to pose, rarely holding postures for any length of time until the end of the class. The glow offers strength, flexibility, concentration, breath work and often, some form of meditation which makes it a great starting point for beginners, the intensity and physicality of the nonstop movement can help focus the kind of newbies.

Our Yoga session at The Seattle Residences and Spa gives you the calm you need, with the aid of our placid and tranquil environment. Our ocean view brings about the feeling of relaxation and calmness which are the major qualities of a successful yoga session, the outdoor location of the session, which is the garden also helps in breath regulation, helps to boost and lighten the mood naturally, and also improve grounded losses like mountain and tree pose due to the direct source of sunlight.

Our well-trained and experienced instructors are always ready to guide you through the set-by-step procedures of the yoga session, ensuring your utmost relaxation and comfort throughout the entire session. At the end of each session, guests can order from our wide range of refreshing drinks, smoothies or mocktails like; Virgin mojito, atomic kitten and the Seattle Chapman to rejuvenate their minds and give them the refreshing boost they need. So what is your excuse for not starting yoga now?

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